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Malcolm Roberts' 15 minutes of international fame

Malcolm Roberts got his 15 minutes (actually it was more like 30 minutes) trying to persuade Professor Brian Cox that climate change is a hoax dreamt up by bankers who want to take over the world, or something. Even deniers at WUWT didn't think he won the day. Except for Eric Worrall. Many of them judged his performance by how the audience reacted, and they didn't think he persuaded them.

The thing that was different this time was that the media scorned him - all around the world.

Some people thought that Brian Cox could have done better. I'm not in that camp. IMO he pitched it right. My favourite was the look of amazed disbelief on Brian Cox's face when Malcolm Roberts tried to claim that NASA faked the temperature data. "NASA?" he asked, almost choking trying to hold back his laughter. "The same NASA that sent men to the moon?" (And then he asked if Malcolm believed that there really was a manned space journey to the moon.)


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