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Phone conversation with DNC's Donna Brazile - Dworkin Report

I’ve been seeing a lot of post election directionless venting and finger pointing.  The massive protests amaze me, as I wonder where was all that passion before the election, when it could have accomplished something?  And now?  Where’s any focus besides being mad that Trump won?  Why not focus on demanding answers to nagging question of national security importance?

I don’t mean answers about FBI Director Comey's election manipulating Clinton Email announcements.  Clinton totally failed in preparing for that inevitability, and she was never capable of putting that contrived scandal into understandable perspective.  Her failing.  Our loss.

That’s chump change next to demanding that FBI Director Comey explain why he covered up, dismissed and basically hid Trump’s extensive foreign business entanglements with governments that I’ve always known to be USA’s proclaimed enemies.  I’ve been writing letters and trying to agitate interest in the Dworkin Report which details some of Trump’s entangles and petitions the Democratic Party to show some interest.  Make no mistake, this is of national security interest and if Democrats don’t make a stand now, the Alt-right will steamroller us these next four years.

One of my emails went to DNC chairperson Donna Brazile and I was surprised to receive a prompt personal response.  I felt she ignored what I’d emailed about and responded.  We wound up exchanging a couple emails and then my phone rang with a Washington DC number.

 The lady at the other end introduced herself and asked if I recognized her voice and if I understand who I was speaking with, “Yes ma’am, I do.” 

It appears our email exchange caught her interest because although I was heaping scorn, she noticed the thoughtful thread running through my missive, which sadly appears to have been a singular exception in the deluge of anger she’s currently receiving.

I think she reached out because of curiosity, respect for my forwardness and to voice her support and encouragement for this effort.  I suspect she also wanted to do a little venting of her own, which was alright considering what she's been going through.  She made some excellent points to ponder.  

She asked me if I’d been contacting my Senator and Representative, or how many letters to the editor I’d written before the election?  She pointed out that a couple months back while the DNC was doing its best to investigate the Russian computer hacks, where were the Democratic Senators and Representatives voicing concern and demanding answers and that more be done by the FBI and others?

Where was the concern and attention of our news media?  Where were concerned Democratic voters and other citizens when the DNC needed their encouragement and prodding and support? 

That’s how democracy works, only if you are putting pressure on your Representatives can you hope for action!  That’s the lesson the Alt-right has been perfecting under our noses for a couple decades now. Will this experience help us learn?

She helped remind me that she was doing one limited job in an enormous enterprise that needed mutual cooperation and support.  She helped remind me how much public grassroots interest and pressure matters.  

Democracy demands that We The People get involved.  All those people complaining about how the Democrats let us down, should also do a personal audit.  I’m not saying take the DNC off the hook, I’m saying keep it real, don’t give yourself a free pass.  

As they used to say in my younger days: “If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem”  and “Democracy use it or lose it.”

Donna also took a moment to share some of her background.  After the call I visited Wiki to learn more.  Her public service record is impressive.  Before tossing brickbats at her, why not go and see how you’d measure up next to her record.  Then remember there’s plenty of blame to go around, all of us dropped the ball on this one.

That doesn't mean letting anyone off the hook, it means everyone accepting their due share of blame.  But, even more importantly, we need to examine and learn from all we failed to see and react to.  Then we have a chance of moving forward in a constructive collective effort.

Without massive public support, direction and prodding nothing will happen within the DNC and our way of life will get steamrollered by the angry, passionate, ruthless Alt-right.

We get the Democracy we deserve.  All you colored and whites, rationalists, liberals, progressives, greens, humanists, LGBTQs, and such - it’s your move.  

The perfect democracy some feel entitled to never was.  Now our system is going to get a lot tougher, perhaps even hostile and ugly thanks to our collective failure.  But it’s what we have.  If we want to participate in the real world, we need to be pragmatic, even if your dreams want better, this is the political system we need to be learning about, if we want to win at it.  

Might I suggest the Dworkin Affair is a good, if not necessary, place to start.  NOW!!!  Before the Electoral College meets!  Write letters demanding an investigation into Director Comey’s coverup and demand we learn the full extent of Trump’s extensive business entanglements in Russia and China, both having government controlled business.  It won’t do a bit of good unless there is deluge of feedback.  Before the Electoral College meets December 19th.  It won’t turn back the results, but it will put Trump on notice, we are watching.  Now that would be something worthing marching in the streets for.

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FBI Director Comey, the Dworkin Report, Hiding Trump's Cozy Russian Relationships

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Democratic National Committee's dereliction of duty, will they ever learn


It would be grand if anyone cared to post that anywhere.

Cheers, Peter

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